Investing in Organizations that Focus on Advancing Equality of Opportunity through Education and Entrepreneurship

The Business of Good Foundation was founded in 1997 by Tim and Alice McCarthy, and is a tax-exempt private foundation described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Since its inception, the Foundation has sought to increase the opportunity for individuals to improve their economic condition.


The mission of the Foundation is to invest in organizations that advance equality of opportunity through education and entrepreneurship.  Over the years, the Foundation has funded the implementation of a variety of programs related to that mission.  The Foundation currently makes grants to organizations providing mentoring services to first generation college students and educational assistance and training to entrepreneurs wishing to start or grow their business.  The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals; all its grantmaking is directed to its program partners.


The Foundation sees education as one of the fundamental elements required for individual economic advancement.  That is why we work with America Mentors, which provides an online mentorship program for first generation college students that assists students in adjusting to the college environment.


The Foundation believes strongly in supporting education and training programs for individuals who seek to start or expand their small business.  Individual entrepreneurs are not only pursuing economic advancement, but also are well positioned to discover and craft innovative approaches to addressing social challenges.  We support NEO Fund and SEA Change in their efforts to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with business know-how and access to affordable capital so they can create sustainable income earning opportunities for themselves and those they employ.

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Since 1997, the Foundation has invested over $10 million and thousands of hours to support various non-profit organization program partners in pursuing their missions.  To learn more about our current program partners, see the descriptions and links below.

American Mentors

America Mentors provides online mentoring services to first generation college students in order to help them persist in their college education.

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New Entrepreneurs Opportunity Fund (NEO Fund) provides education, mentoring and coaching services to individuals looking to start or expand their small business in the northeast Ohio area.

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Ashtabula Capital Access Program

Ashtabula Capital Access Program (ACAP) is a program operated by NEO Fund that assists entrepreneurs in northeast Ohio with obtaining financing for their business start-up or expansion.

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SEA Change

SEA Change is a social enterprise accelerator helping social entrepreneurs develop sustainability plans, determine their meaningful social impact, and access tools they need to successfully launch their business.  Based in Columbus, Ohio, SEA Change is part of the Franklin County, Ohio social enterprise ecosystem, and also operates programs in Cleveland, Ohio and Denver, Colorado, as well as online.

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